Workshop 2011 Westerncamp

 Dans                                 Koreograf                         Musik

Countyline cha cha             Ukendt                             One night at the time

1976                                  Mike O´Brien                     1976

hi_neighbour                      Susanne Mose                    Adelida
Crazy Mercury                    Maxwell & CCRH                 Mercury blues

Jukebox and free whisky     Susanne Mose                     If the jukebox took ..

Ease your mind                  Joellen Weeks                     Love´s got a hold on you

Smile on your face             Audrey Watson                    Put a smile on your face

Sassy                               Linda Wolfe & Amanda           Sassafras Gap

Workshop 2012 Westerncamp

Dans                            Koreograf                    Musik/video link

                   Unknown                     Pick a bale of cotton

16 steps                       Unknown                     Cowboys sweatheart

Love to trust                Niels Poulsen                Vincero

Inspiration                    Robbie McG. Hickie      Heaven in my woman´s eyes

American stomp            Lisa Johns-Grose          

         Vikki Morris                  Pretty Belinda / Smilende Sussi

Trying to fall in love      Susanne Mose              

Alabama Slammin´         Rachel McEnaney           If you want my love

Elvis shuffle                 Patt Stott                      Return to sender

   Ike & Virginia Po             Coal miner´s daughter

Fifty two beers ago      Sèverine Fillion               Beers ago

Blackjack stomp           Unknown                       Another good reason

Superstar                    Daisy Simons                   Superstar

Thunderfoot               Georgeanne Valis            Every little thing

Chihuahua                  Audrey Watson               Chihuahua